I grew up in a place wherein in things are instant. Things were all prepared and I don’t need to work for. I could say that I grew up from a rich family and I am the only son. But, despite of everything that I have my parents didn’t allow me to depend on them. They taught me to stand on my own that is why when I finished my  business course they gave me a capital and I venture it into business that I am proud of. It is doing so well now and I have different branches from different cities all over London. I never thought I could have all this when I was young. For I only use to have a simple boy who lives for a simple dream and that is to be with my mom and dad on a vacation. That is only what always looking forward every year for it was our tradition as a family to go out of the country and have a weeklong vacation in there.

There were so many memories that I had with my family especially with my parents. Only after this fast few months that they seemed to be telling to me that I have to go away and find myself. At first I didn’t understand what they are telling about, but when my mom talked to me sincerely I then absorbed what my dad’s want me to do. To find a woman that I will be living with in having my own family. He wants to see his grandchildren’s running and giggling for he is not going any younger. So upon knowing it straight from my mom I then a kind of pressure in thinking, how could I have do that? All I know that time when I was driving as I am about to go to South London for a business meeting I dropped by a Church along the way. And in there I talked to Him and tell him to guide me on what he wants me to do for my father’s wish for me. After the church visit I go straight ahead on the meeting.

After a successful meeting with my staff I decided to stay in my resto bar in South London for I want to unwind. After an hour of staying in there and not as an owner but as a costumer, I saw a gorgeous woman walking in front of my table and she is talking to one of my staff who is assisting me.  I found myself looking into her while they are talking, and out of my surprise she then smiles at me. My staff introduces me to her and she is her sister. I ask my staff if it is alright to talk to her sister. But she refused to for she is in a hurry for work. She just left the bar with a bright smile and I just give myself a sigh.

When I was home all alone in my room, I can’t resist myself thinking about the woman I just saw a while ago. So I called my staff who is her brother and ask her number. I called her late at night, we had talked until dawn. When the sun rises I picked her up from her work, as a South London escorts. Her work is not a big deal for me. While driving her way home we saw a cowboy riding on a horse. She gives a very bright smile on her face that made me realize how I deeply admire her. I told myself then she is the one I am going to marry.

I courted her, and my parents have nothing against her work. They accepted her and after a year of being together I proposed to her in front of our families and she said yes and now we are married with two lovely kids a boy and a girl. This south London escorts is unique and special she used to be a cowboy in a rodeo. This is her innocence and simplicity that I truly admire and love her.